Handsmark signifies aesthetics of local craft, and power of artisans to mould, carve, stitch and build unique hand-made pieces.

Every Handmarked item is designed in-house while we explore thousands of artworks and designs for regular set decor and props work. And although a lot of what we work with is exceptional, there are some pieces that leave us awe-struck due to the way a material is invented into design.

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But our inspiration to develop these pieces lie in the stories that tail them. Handmarked pieces always carry with them a block of history or distant cultural practices which make them special for us, and for anyone who will hold them.

We made a conscience decision to not let these pieces be mass-market products. So they are released in limited quantity and made available only on this website. A part of the sales is used for research and practice to conserve forests and wildlife.

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